Harmola Farm Harmola Farm is located alongside a naturally lovely
country road at Anttola, near the city of Mikkeli. The rustic life on this
working farm together with high standard holiday cottages offer the
soul soothing holiday moments in the heart of lakeland nature.

All Harmola Farm holiday cottages are located in their own peaceful
setting on the shore of Lake Syysjärvi. Well-maintained yards and
child-friendly shores help make holidaying in a cottage trouble-free.
The sheltered location of the cottages ensures privacy and a genuine
opportunity for relaxation and experiencing outdoor adventures.

The abundant and variable lakeland habitat of the Etelä-Savo region
is always at its best – irrespective of the weather. Suitable clothing
and footwear and a pioneering spirit guarantee a successful holiday
at all seasons!

Come alone, or with a companion, your entire family, or a group of
colleagues from work. How you spend your holiday or handle your
event is entirely up to you – we have everything ready for your

HARMOLAN MAATILA • Ylivedentie 608, 52100 ANTTOLA • Tel. (015) 655 102, +358 (0)50 376 9654 • antti.lampinen@harmolanmaatila.com
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